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TablesWin produces fully customizable gaming tables and casino equipment. TablesWin represents the connection between technology, design and art.

From the marriage between experience and new technology, emerges TablesWin, a company that can create the “sartorial” product, created to individual perfection by the customer.

TablesWin reinvents the craftsmanship, giving value to the manufacturing tradition and contextualizes masterfully through the use of the most modern technologies thanks to the main company’s engine: the passion and devotion to a complex craft, charming and immortal, able to design and develop products that go beyond the simple object, becoming true masterpieces.

+39 0424 533831
Via S. Giovanni Bosco 41 36022 Cassola Italy.
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Decò Collection Decò Collection
A line inspired by art decò, with its crystalline and multifaceted forms, simplified to ad...
Diamond Collection Diamond Collection
The Diamond collection design was born from a new conception of casino tables. A strong impact li...
Foliage Collection Foliage Collection
Foliage it’s a new line of casino tables inspired to the nature, the strength, the sturdine...
 Golden Wave Collection Golden Wave Collection
A golden wave that embrace who is watching it with its elegance and beauty.  The Golden Wave...
Grunge Collection Grunge Collection
Grunge is a table range inspired by the industrial world, particularly to its elements. The idea ...
Venice Collection Venice Collection
The lagoon, the gondolas, the wood, the water… reflexes and warmth… sensations and ...