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DPX-E250 gaming motherboard.

Advantech-Innocore the gaming focused business group of Advantech Corp, announces the new DPX-E250 gaming motherboard. The DPX®-E250 is a very high performance industrial grade motherboard with features optimized for casino/ AWP machines and lottery terminals.  

The DPX-E250 is a Xeon® capable motherboard featuring the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ architecture CPUs.  Scalability and low cost are two key strengths of the DPX-E250. The board supports a huge range of price and performance from dual core Celeron, through Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and up to Xeon CPUs. The latest Intel embedded platform ensures customers a long lived (guaranteed 5 years in production), and future proof platform ready for whatever performance needs come along

ODM manufacturers of slot machines, lottery terminals and kiosks frequently have their own solutions for the I/O and security (therefore they do not need the extensive feature set included on our other DPX- series products).  However they need a cost effective CPU platform with certain features that are not available on typical commercial or industrial motherboards.  That is where the DPX-E250 comes in.  DPX-E250 has I/O and COMs features optimized for gaming including full size connectors for easy harnessing, lots of USB and COM port connectors, flexible storage options, graphics expansion slot and two DVI connectors and one DisplayPort for trouble-free monitor connections. 

The board also has a write-protected BIOS in a removable module.  This allows the board to meet regulatory requirements in certain jurisdictions where the BIOS must be field verifiable and locked against modifications.

For deeply embedded applications such as stand-alone lottery terminals or kiosks the LVDS port on the DPX-E250 provides the lowest cost interface for driving large screen LCDs panels.

Two Mini-PCIe sockets (both with USB) and a SIM card socket provide interfaces for expansion to add devices such as WIFI card or modems and SIM card.  A wide variety of storage devices are supported including SATA SSD, SATA DOM, m-SATA, USB drive.  For convenience the DPX-E250 can be operated from either a single rail 12VDC cabinet power source or an ATX power supply.The DPX-E250 is compatible with many of Advantech’s software solutions for security, media validation, SAS and diagnostics.  

The DPX-E250 is the ideal core platform for many gaming, amusement and kiosk applications calling for a cost-effective, high performance, “gaming-optimized” motherboard. 

Key features

•Supports Intel® 4th Gen Core™ i processor (LGA1150) Celeron to Core i-7 and Xeon

•Intel Q87 chipset 

•Two 204-pin SO-DIMM up to 16 GB DDR3 1333/1600 MHz SDRAM 

•Supports triple display of DVI-D/DVI-I/DP/LVDS 

•Supports PCIe x16 (Gen 3), two mini-PCIe, 1 SIM card

•12V DC single input or ATX power 

•Field removable BIOS module with write protected BIOS.

•6 COM, 7 USB (can be made non-bootable)

•Long lifecycle & Revision control (guaranteed 5 years in production)

Koen Stomph
+44 (0) 191 262 4844
Kingfisher Way Silverlink Business Park North Shields Newcastle, NE28 9NX, UK
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