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Renewable World, who tackle poverty through renewable energy, are helping increase access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy in Nepal.

Solar Water Pumping

Our largest programme in Nepal helps communities that lie above the water source to access water via a solar-powered water pumping system. It also improves incomes by providing training in climate-smart agriculture.

We recently completed the installation of a solar water pumping system in the community of Jugedhara, a community that husband and wife – Puspa Raj and Laxmi Salami Maga – call home. For Puspa and Laxmi, improved access to water means that they finally have the chance to sleep through the night, without having to go and collect water.

Before the solar water pumping system was installed, Puspa and Laxmi’s entire family would have to collect water round the clock.

Laxmi told us: “We don’t sleep. Throughout the night we take turns walking up and down the hill carrying water. During the dry season while carrying water, my head hurts continuously, and my temperature is always high. I am living with pain.”

During the monsoon they would collect water from a spring 10 minutes away from their house, which produced a small but steady trickle of water. Day and night, they would take turns to go and place a 35-litre drum at the spring, returning to collect it an hour and a half later (the time it took to fill up). Outside of the monsoon season even this spring would dry up. They would then have to hike for 1km to the next nearest water source, an hour-and-a-half round trip. 

Now, thanks to the solar water pumping system, Puspa and Laxmi can access water from a tap right outside their house.

Solar Energy for Community Resilience

Our work in Nepal over the last year has also focused on a pilot project that aims to increase resilience to economic and climatic stresses in rural off-grid communities. As part of this project we have installed a solar system in the community of Berichaal Chepang, which provides power for a health post and a flood-warning system.

The health post can now run electric lighting, fans, refrigerators and other medical equipment. Refrigeration also means that the health post can now keep a stock of vaccines and medicines – treatments that were previously only accessible from a health facility a five-hour journey away.

Flood Warning System

The flood warning system will play a vital role in preventing loss of life, cultivated land and livestock. Berichaal Chepang lies at the confluence of two rivers, and the area has been hit by floods several times – sometimes with disastrous consequences. The system receives real-time data on rainfall and river water level. When there is a risk of flooding, the system triggers an early warning message to the community.

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