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Generating Sets For Supermarkets

SDMO is associated with many different names in the supermarket industry around the globe, where it offers high-performance solutions adapted to the needs of this sector, in particular to prevent risks related to personal and property safety.

Human safety
Shopping centres, like all public buildings, demand a near-permanent power supply. The absence of energy would have chaotic consequences and endanger people’s safety.

In public buildings, human safety is ensured by the installation of systems designed in particular to reduce fire hazards and to allow the evacuation of people and the intervention of the emergency services in the event of an interruption to the usual power supply. To ensure that these systems are able to function, many supermarkets choose to use an independent source of energy: a power plant comprising generating sets used a replacement source. In this way, the risks associated with an untimely cut-off of the primary functions of such centres are prevented.

Data security: a major financial concern
In the supermarket industry, in the event of a failure of the main electricity supply, a power cut of only a few minutes can be the source of dysfunction in many establishments: the use of cash registers, computing equipment and automatic doors for instance will be affected, and the financial stakes are high (risk of theft or vandalism in panic situations, loss of IT data...).

The retailers equipped with generating sets protect themselves against the occurrence of these types of problems.

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