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New Ticket Scanner from Suzo Happ
Ticket-In Ticket-out (TITO) applications on gaming machines is seeing a real increase in popularity in Europe. Many operations managers have seen the success of TITO in US casinos and are now seeing the benefits of implementing TITO themselves. However, in Europe, the majority of the note readers in use are not TITO ready. ?It's only in the last couple of years that TITO ready note readers have been available? commented John Carroll, Product Manager for Suzo International. Therefore, the Suzo Happ group has teamed up with its TITO partner FutureLogic to offer a solution to gaming machines already in the market place already. ?We can offer the casinos a series of solutions?, stated Patrick Suverein, CEO of Suzo International. ?These range from the individual Ticket Scanner to an attractive side-box solution containing the Ticket Scanner and FutureLogic GEN2 Ticket Printer. This means that older gaming machines can be updated to be TITO ready. These solutions should further enable operations managers to make full use of the benefits of TITO across an entire operation?. The Ticket Scanner when used in conjunction with FutureLogic Thermal Printers for TITO applications, will read, accept and validate bar coded gaming tickets. When a bar coded ticket is inserted into the Ticket Scanner module it will automatically scan the bar code and transmit the information to the host system for validation. If the information stored within the bar code is valid, the ticket is accepted and the Ticket Scanner will transfer the ticket through to a storage box. If the host machine does not recognize the bar code, the Ticket Scanner will reject the ticket and return it back to the user. John Edmunds, General Manager of FutureLogic Europe stated: ?We are delighted to be working with Suzo International in Europe to offer more customers the benefits of TITO across new and old gaming machines.
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Erik Radder, Sales Manager
+31 186 643333
Rijnzathe 12, 3454 PV DE MEERN, The Netherlands
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