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TAG Active are the industry leaders in the new and exciting “Active Gaming” sector of the leisure market.

We have created a sophisticated package of purpose written software and robust, durable, hardware that allows any indoor physical game or activity to be transformed into a gaming experience.

Our systems can be designed into new build activities or retro fitted to existing pieces of equipment. 

By using RFID wearable wristbands and our transponders we can create a number of competitive gaming options for any site or activity.

Whether physical or mental challenges, speed and agility events, scavenger / treasure hunt style games, team games or redemption reward links, the options are endless. 

Our analytics packages offer levels of data and understanding of how equipment is being used, by gender, by age, by frequency and more. Existing customers are absorbing this level of information to increase customer numbers, build better targeted experiences and increase existing customer spend and repeat visits.

TAG active® entered the UK market just over two years ago, with specific purpose-built TAG Arenas designed and constructed by our sister company Play Revolution Ltd.

Over a short space of time these arenas have become a go to event for any new indoor activity park installation. 

With our international partners the brand has grown significantly. We now have TAG Arenas and other products in 12 countries across the world, with just under a million games played and 39 million transponder hits.

The list of new installations continues to grow, with over 22 new arenas planned in the next 12 months. Many of which are customers with multiple sites who recognise how successful the product has been in their first installation. 

We are constantly building on the digital platform that we have created. Whether it be new games and features or new hardware products such as self-registration kiosks and camera systems.

The years of development in our technology is now seeing real and fantastic results for our customers.

Already many companies are scrambling to launch their own replica's or versions of what we have created. Using an area of existing technologies from push buttons to door entry systems. All will possibly offer some immediate gratification but non have been created and engineered with a long-term view.