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In a constantly changing environment the water parks sector is also changing. AQUATEC Europe and its brand AQUAPRO follows these developments by adapting to conditions and market developments.

Our management and our team has accumulated nearly 30 years expertise and experience working with industry leaders (groups, leading parks or manufacturers).

Knowledge of raw materials, the technical expertise of the assembly process and support for parks and their users have allowed us to innovate and develop solutions such as heat bonded technology tubes for intensive use, rotationally moulded floating tubes, four-colour printing, unique forms of tubes (triple triangular or other ), endless customisation, rafts, mattresses, etc.

Our 2015/2016 range is still based on models validated by years of use in parks and by their users whilst bringing several new features: Standard or heavy duty rafts,  single person tubes, oval or double seater tubes, 2 or 3 people tubes, figure “8“ tubes, sledge or triangular, racer and speed mats, as well as customised production (shapes, colours, prints, materials).

+33 (0)3 89 62 56 30
AQUANEO - Aquatec Europe, 6 rue de l’Europe – 68500 Bergholtz - FRANCE
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Pear Shaped Water Slide Tubes Pear Shaped Water Slide Tubes
Pear Shaped Water Slide Tubes. Extra strong gusset. Runs truer, more back support. Handles Back ...
Single Water Slide Tubes Single Water Slide Tubes
Great all around slide tubeExtra strong gusset with double inside seam Two handles at 10 and 2 o&...